Exercise Bikes

Stationary bikes are a great, easy way to exercise that is easy going on the joints.  It is the perfect piece of cardiovascular equipment if you are looking to tone up your legs and thighs.
  • Mainly lower body Muscle Groups
  • High Calorie Burner​
  • Engages & Tones Muscles
  • Great for leg strength training
  • ​Fat Buster/Good for Weight Loss
  • Vary the intensity of workout by changing resistance.
  • Low Risk and Low Impact - Protects your joints
  • Stimulates & Strengthens Heart & Lungs
When it comes to exercise bikes there are a few choices to make.
Here at Ken Rabey we stock 'Upright' Bikes, 'Recumbent' Bikes or 'Spinning' Bikes, each are suited for a particular need of exercise, please contact us on 01481 722275 and we can discuss which will be best for you.