Vibration Plates

Advanced Whole Body Vibration Technology ( WBV ) creates a stretch reflex in the body which results in rapid and intense contractions speeding up the whole fitness process.

Vibration plates have become increasingly popular in gyms and praised by many that use them.  The idea behind the plate is that it helps to tone & define muscles in quick time.  It is not an aerobic exercise, but the outcome can be similar to weightlifting without using the weights.

The vibration plate contracts in multiple directions, 20-50 times per second.  Forcing whichever muscle you are choosing to train to respond and gain stability, performing reflective muscle contractions

  • Can exercise most Muscle Groups - Very good for targeting specific areas
  • Increases Strength 
  • Improves posture and flexibility​
  • Engages & Tones Muscles without using vigorous exercise 
  • Low Risk and Low Impact - Protects your joints
  • Promotes recovery after injury

Vibration plates are great for toning up muscles and building up strength in body, fairly quickly. 

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