Rowing Machines

The Rowing Machine is the body's best friend.

This aerobic exercise is one of the best pieces of equipment for an overall body workout, using both the upper and lower body to complete a 'full-rowing stroke'. 

  • All Major Muscle Groups
  • High Calorie Burner​
  • Engages & Tones Muscles
  • High Intensity
  • Raises heart rate & keeps elevated for a period of time
  • Fat Buster/Good for Weight Loss
  • Low Impact & Non-weight bearing
  • Stimulates & Strengthens Heart & Lungs

Rowing Machines are easy to use, affordable and convenient to keep in the comfort of your own home, not to mention a fun but very effective form of exercise.  
We have a range of different machines for sale or hire, please contact us on 01481 722275 for more enquires.