Cross Trainers

Cross Trainer's are great for strengthening most muscle groups in the body as it combines working the lower body, arms and shoulders all in one movement.

The machine mimics the actions experienced when walking, running and climbing stairs, providing an effective full body workout.

  • All Major Muscle Groups
  • High Calorie Burner​
  • Engages & Tones Muscles
  • Improves all round strength
  • ​Fat Buster/Good for Weight Loss
  • Multi-Purpose - Vary the intensity of workout by changing resistance.
  • Low Impact - Protects your joints
  • Stimulates & Strengthens Heart & Lungs

A huge advantage of the elliptical trainer is that you can easily target the muscles of the body that you specifically want to work.  Here at Ken Rabey, we can show you how to do this by varying the type of movements you do while using the machine.
We have a range of different machines for sale or hire, please contact us on 01481 722275 for more enquires.